8 apps every housewife and stay-at-home mom needs

As a new stay-at-home mom and housewife, I had a hard time transitioning from working outside of the home to 100% managing my home. I had always been involved in PTA and extra-curricular activities for the kids, and of course I did my fair share of cleaning, but for the most part I had no idea about all the things it takes to manage a home as the sole homemaker. The transition was rough but I wouldn’t want to be anything else now. I take pride in caring for my family, managing our home, and learning more about being a homemaker daily! A homemaker is only as good as her tools though, so without further ado, here are the 8 apps that I use on a daily basis to make managing my home easy as pie!

#8 Playground Buddy

Playground buddy is great for stay-at-home moms and homeschooling moms because it helps you find the nearest playgrounds and parks in your area. The app features info pages for each park so you can know before you go if it’s going to be an age-appropriate park for your littles (or bigs) to visit. Additionally, you can add parks as you go; so if you know of a park that’s not listed you can add it for other moms and kids to enjoy!



Flipp is the ultimate couponing app! You choose your favorite stores or stores you shop most at and it lists all of their current ads, deals, and coupons! You can then go into the ads and “clip” the coupons (this is done virtually) and save them on your phone for when you go shopping. While this app does require a little bit of prep time since you have to browse through ads before you shop, I’ve found the best money-saving coupons on here!



How does cash back for shopping sound? Pretty good! Ibotta lets you scan all your receipts, checks for codes, and gives you money back on items you’ve purchased. It is without a doubt a super easy way for moms to make money at home while doing something that they already do, shopping! Ibotta gives you money back by paying you in gift cards to certain stores or you can choose to be paid directly through PayPal or participating bank.



EMeals is the BEST meal prep app on the market in my opinion. It differs from other meal prep kits in both price and functionality. Unlike services such as Happy Plate or Hello Fresh, EMeals is a cheap alternative that allows you to pick your weekly recipes, add ingredients to your list for those recipes, and use that list to get your groceries delivered through services such as Instacart or Walmart+ delivery (we used Walmart plus). Then you simply make those recipes and prep for the week! So far it’s the most affordable meal-prepping service I’ve been able to find on the market!



Sweepy is your one-stop shop for getting house chores done. It uses a simple dashboard to separate chores by room so you can stay organized and on top of getting chores done when they need to be done. The app has the ability to break down chores by room, but also has a calendar function for you to review all chores due for the day, week, and month. Sweepy helps you set up reminders for chores that have a due date, and you can also set up family profiles to assign specific chores to your family members.


Baby Connect

Don’t let the name of this app fool you. While Baby Connect was originally designed to track the status of your newborn, it can now be used to track the status of infants all the way through school-age kids. This app allows you to track your child’s activities, moods, medical history, needs, and more! It also keeps track of all that data and compiles it into graphs that can easily be sent to your pediatrician. The best thing about this app has to be its fully customizable dashboard though, it allows you to customize each child’s dashboard for their specific needs. You’ll never miss a medication, meal, or milestone again with this app.



Truebill is a budgeting app that takes all of the busy work out of managing your bills and your income. Before Truebill, I used to have an excel spreadsheet where I would manually input all of our family’s bills, expenses, and income; it would take ages and I almost always missed a subscription or two. With Truebill, you are able to link your bank account directly and the app breaks down all of your deposits and withdrawals, categorizing them for you! Since I do the budgeting for our family, I have my account, my husband’s accounts, and our joint account all linked to the app and I’m able to keep track of our budget successfully every month.


Family Wall

My number one “must have” app is definitely FamilyWall. There is seriously SO much that this app does for keeping my family organized. FamilyWall has so many great features such as a shared calendar, to-do lists, meal planner, timetables, and more! The app also has a real-time tracker so you can track younger family members or send help notifications to your family if you are lost or in trouble. Another great feature of the app is the activity board, where you can send messages, upload pictures or videos to the gallery, and stay connected with each family member. With custom color-coded profiles for each of my family members (including the dog), I never lose track of my family’s schedules and this app makes managing our lives so simple!

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